Welcome to Dæghrefn.

Packed with utilities. For Freenode communities.


You use some Dæghrefn feature? You can contribute to write documentation.

Currently, some elements could be found at the following places:

Communities we serve

Dæghrefn and Wearg live on the IRC Freenode network, where any channel could benefit of our solutions.

The server infrastructure is maintained by Nasqueron as a service offered to the free culture communities.


Add a channel

We can add new channels to Dæghrefn if you've a specific need for an utility general-purpose bot.

CI: Another bot, Wearg, is connected to a RabbitMQ message broker, fuelled by our notifications center to process events from Phabricator, GitHub or Docker Hub. This can be used to notify channels about new commits, pull requests on GitHub, etc. That can be adapted to received events from other systems.

Explain your needs and we'll offer you a solution. We create sur mesure code for each community.


All the code we write is open source and released under BSD-2-Clause license.
A few third-party software components could have their own licence.

You're welcome to contribute.

  • Project workboard: #Dæghrefn (bugs and tasks)
  • Core code: rVIPER (TCL)
  • Wikidata access layer: rDWD (Python)
  • This site: rVIPERWWW (HTML, CSS, Gulp)